Production and trade

From the field to the plate, Culture Pom’s team accompanies you in the production, logistics, traceability, quality and marketing of potatoes.

Every consumer has a specific need.
Our job: to meet these demands, and beyond.


Export to 15 countries

Our multilingual team masters perfectly the specificities of each country, with which we put in place a base of exchanges of technical knowledge, in a sustainable way and by privileging the human contact.

Our strengths

Our strengths Culture Pom is:

  • GlobalG.A.P. option 2 and GRASP certificated in partnership with several producers.
  • FR-BIO-016 certificated organic potato trading and storage.
  • involved in varietal development with the establishment of numerous test plots.

Our wide range of varieties

Each year, Culture Pom selects the varieties of today and tomorrow in partnership with several potato seed companies, to best meet the demands of the market.

We currently work a great diversity of variety:

  • Early: Agata, Colomba, Sirco, Darling …
  • All rounders : Marabel, Melody, Orchestra, Taisiya, Toscana …
  • For fries : Caesar, Excellency, Artemis …

In order to guarantee traceability, we propose to our producers the plant of all these varieties.

Our services

Culture Pom provides a range of services to support their producers and ensure the highest standards of quality:

Seed treatments

In accordance with the varietal specifications, we propose a treatment of seed potatoes with the best adapted products according to the varieties.

Agreement n°: 5100122 – Applicator of plant protection products in provision of services.

Planting Harvesting

Our material also allows us a service dedicated to each type of soil, to bring the best answer to the agronomic requirements.

Technical support

Certified and Environment Friendly Production. We propose a traceability respectful of specifications. Our team is present in the field to support our productors.

Storage and packing

We propose a service for the storage, with or without treatment. We are able to prepare the good to send it in boxes, in bulk or Jumbo Bags.

Discover our team

Our team